Preparation of River Basin Management Plans for Drin-Buna and Seman Rivers

Partner: Mott MacDonald
Client: Ministry of Agriculture
Period: July 2015 – July 2017

This project will support the preparation of river-basin management plans in the Drin-Buna and Seman river basins. The objective of the plans will be to identify a set of cost-effective priority measures to improve the efficiency of water-resource management in the basins, with an emphasis on service delivery. Among these measures will be such tasks as: analysis of the physical status of water resources in the basin; review of all types of economic water use and their impacts on the water-resource situation; assessment of existing and future water-resource balances in the basin; identification of main water-resource management challenges;  assessment of the constraining role of water for meeting economic development objectives; and identification of a set of actions and required investments to improve the water-resource situation in the basin.

The river-basin planning will involve the development of appropriate river-basin models as a tool for assessing various water-resource development scenarios. Water-quality aspects will receive close attention in the plans, as water-quality deterioration is a growing concern, particularly in the Seman basin. The existing water-quality control system, including the issuing of discharge permits, will be reviewed as part of the plan preparation.


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