BAS Program

Partner: Shaga Group; Eurodrin
Period: January 2008 – October 2010

This project consisted of a series of market studies, feasibility studies and business plans for several companies. Among the projects for clients were: a Market Study and Business Development Plan for “Dario”, a food-processing company looking to switch from imported raw materials to domestic raw materials; a Business Plan and Catchment Study for “Eurodrini” for equity financing purposes; a Market Study and Business Plan for “Shaga”, a company that trades furniture products, looking to expand production in semi-ready-made kitchen cabinets for small shops and other furniture traders; a Business Plan on the telecommunications market in Albania for “ABISSNET”, a company operating in internet services; a Market Study for Vega Al Celik, a client seeking to apply to EBRD for financing to construct a steel-manufacturing plant.

Our Clients