Besnik Leskaj

Mr. Leskaj has over 15 years’ experience in management in the private and public sector. Mr. Leskaj possesses a Diploma in International Trade / International Economy and a Magisterial Doctor in Enterprise Economy. He has been an Advisor to the Minister of Economy for business incentives, SME, FDI, WTO and EU integration matters, and was General Director of the Albanian National Air Traffic Agency. Mr. Leskaj has been a member of steering committees on various projects, in particular on the Aviation Safety & Air Traffic Control Phase I project, and the CARDS project (“Trade Regulation and Trade Promotion”), implemented in the five western Balkan countries. He was also appointed by the Minister of Economy to supervise the whole privatization process of the state-owned telecommunication company Albtelekom.

Mr. Leskaj has led and managed a large portfolio of projects on behalf of ABKons, such as:

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP): Land Easement and Acquisition. Mr. Leskaj is the Project Director in charge of the planning and execution of the project. The main tasks consist of establishing an organizational setting; external coordination with client and national third parties; internal coordination (management and specialists); development of systems, procedures and documents; planning and organization (scheduling and prioritization); risk management and progress reporting (monitoring and evaluation).

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP): Land Compensation Study.  Mr. Leskaj is the Project Manager of this Land Compensation Study and a member of the compensation evaluation team for the pipeline route in Albania. Part of the project will be the calculation of compensation values for land and crops along the pipeline route and also of baseline values for tourism, fishing, hunting and beekeeping along the route.

Public Service Mall (ADISA) – Mr. Leskaj was the Project Manager of this ADISA project, which under the leadership of the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration had as an objective to design the country’s first Public Service Mall to serve as a One-Stop-Shop for public service delivery. It will operate through a single digital platform, which, over time, will be expanded to other parts of the country.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)/ Business Advisory Service (Bas) Projects. Mr. Leskaj has led and implemented a number of projects by providing financial advisory services. The BAS Projects works with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to improve performance by connecting local business advisers to assistance enterprises, enhancing their competitiveness, marketing and financial management, quality management systems and strategic business planning.

Tirana City Development Strategy (a World Bank and Cities Alliance project), The main goal of this activity (a World Bank and Cities Alliance project) is to support the City of Tirana in developing a long-term Strategic Framework for sustainable development.

National Air Traffic Agency – Lockheed Martin project “National Air Modernization Project (NAMP)”. During his tenure as the General Director of the Albanian National Air Traffic Agency, Mr. Leskaj managed a staff of over 270 employees and has been a focal point for the implementation of the National Air Modernization Plan for the modernization of the Albanian airspace. This project comprised an investment of almost 50 million dollars.

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