The challenge

Albania has tremendous potential for producing energy from its abundant water resources. However, construction of the Banja Hydropower station had failed to progress for over 20 years; yet the government was anxious to restart this previously abandoned project. This task was made especially challenging by the need to build a modern power station within the existing previously constructed structures.

Abkons expertise

Working in partnership: Abkons teamed up with international contractor Mott McDonald to build this regionally important project.

Experts in design: Detailed design modifications were required to ensure new construction was seamlessly integrated with the old; a complex task developed by Abkons and its partners.

Engineering expertise: Familiarity with the technical engineering challenges and relevant experience of the construction sites proved vital to the joint venture’s ability to complete the project.


A major infrastructure success story: Construction of the 70 Megawatt Banja Hydropower station generating 254 GWh, complete with 100 km of new roads and transmission lines.

Commercially valuable to our partners: Accomplished within the agreed timeline, budget and in operation according to schedule, this project enhanced both Abkons’ and our partner’s reputation.

A project of national prestige: As well as generating over €200 million of investment, electricity production in Albania is now set to increase by 17%.
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