The challenge

Arguably Europe’s most important geopolitical project, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline brings gas from Azerbaijan by connecting with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline in Turkey. Its successful construction required access to land across Albania. But 80% of rural properties and families lacked land ownership certificates. This challenge made voluntary agreements between landowners and the TAP joint venture seem virtually impossible.

Abkons’ expertise

An approach based on communication: We didn’t underestimate the complexity of the task at hand. Our local staff invested time with local landowners to explain to them the process to gain voluntary agreements.

A transparent, successful process: In 18 months 33,000 properties belonging to 12,000 families were processed. Less than 1% of owners presented a claim. All delivered in accordance with EU standards.

Every aspect of land management accomplished: Our work included: cadastral work of immovable properties; censuses and asset inventory; calculation of compensation offers, and contract signing with the owners, and where necessary, expropriation and support to the grievance.


Land access to the contractor secured: Construction of 215 kilometres of the pipeline was made possible. Expensive stoppages were prevented.

Setting the benchmark for the client: Our approach was adopted by our counterparts in Greece who faced similar challenges with gaining access to land for the pipeline.

Legal rights given to local people: Local people’s lives were changed when they understood what they were legitimately entitled to, and how the process would benefit them and Albania.
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