The challenge

Oil exploration activities in Block 2-3 could result in the Durres Supply Base becoming a significant new source of European hydrocarbons. But first, environmental standards had to be met – Shell/Petromanas could not compromise their reputation by taking short cuts. However, time was of the essence. EIA and water permitting had to be attained quickly.

Abkons’ expertise

Established relationship: Our previous successes with Shell/Petromanas in delivering EIA saw Abkons contracted to ensure a swift and positive outcome.

A reputation for international standards: By applying international standards familiar to Shell/Petromanas, trust in our capacity to successfully meet local and international requirements was engendered from the outset.

A comprehensive service: Obtaining environmental consent involved developing baseline studies, field surveys, and environmental management plan. The EIA application was submitted in accordance with the expectations of national and international agencies, as well as the hydrological study to obtain the required water permits. .


Environmental Consent achieved: Shell/Petromanas are now pursuing this exciting opportunity: Albanian biggest investment to date to explore its oil reserves.

Valuable high-level studies delivered:s Completed within a short period, the quality of our reports ensured that no delays occurred.

A regional ripple effect: Since work has begun, local communities have seen improvement to roads, employment and other benefits to local business.
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