The challenge

Climate change presents challenges to even water-rich countries. 75% of Albania’s water was escaping without being used. Successive governments knew improved management was vital to the nation. The complexity of auditing water resources had seen past attempts to develop a new strategy prove elusive.

Abkons’ expertise

20 years of experience: This enabled us to work across multiple water sectors, to successfully audit and interpret the myriad and often contradictory nature of data.

An IWRM strategy for change: We then provided a proposal for what Albania’s water management could look like: a 10-year blueprint to 2027.

Vision embraced by the Albanian government: Our proposal for impactful change and for the establishment of a National Council of Water (NCW) was developed through consultation with the government.


National Water Management Plan rolled out: The first of its kind for Albania - delivered by Abkons.

Dedicated intra-governmental NCW: This institution will serve Albania and its citizens for generations to come. The NCW now oversees every aspect of water usage Albania can now manage the quantity and quality of its water and mitigate drought and flooding risks.
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