The challenge

Located in the undeveloped Mitrovica region, the wind farm is Kosovo’s single biggest investment project. Its impact will give a huge boost to the community and help Kosovo meet EU clean energy targets. Its successful implementation requires a full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to ensure it can progress.

Abkons’ expertise

One stop shop for ESIA We assessed a wide range of issues: economic activity; land use; age and gender; population size; transportation; irrigation; main produce; education and communication. A roadmap for success Our clear, transparent roadmap of what was required, based on internationally recognised parameters, met the Kosovan authorities’ needs. Stakeholder engagement Our experience of understanding the importance of listening to the concerns of local people resulted in the accumulation of invaluable data.


ESIA with breadth and depth Deploying a multitude of methodologies, our assessment established a baseline understanding of the project’s possible social impacts. Insightful reporting We created a report that provides vital insight into a range of possible issues that will enable the wind farm to come to fruition. 10,000 household plots set to benefit. The wind farm intends to generate 110 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) a year. The ESIA reports and permits are currently being evaluated by the National Authorities, with the farm scheduled to be completed by 2022.
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