The challenge

Spiecapag Entrepose were tasked with laying the TAP pipeline across Albania. Cultural finds of significant importance were discovered throughout the project. Findings that needed to be excavated and recorded. The contractors were concerned that delays to the project would be inevitable. Due process was required as a compromise.

Abkons’ expertise

In-house expertise We brought in archeologists to develop this specialty within Abkons, in-house, so that our team could work together and have a clear understanding of each other's challenges. A proactive approach We helped Spiecapag to be on the front foot and to establish a relationship between the client and authorities anxious to preserve Albania's history. Local laws explained We helped the client to understand and comply with local laws and planning regulations, providing them with a clear roadmap to achieve their objective.


Planning requirements achieved This was achieved within the expected timeframe. All archaeological work was accurately completed in a timely fashion so that delays for the construction project were averted. Synergy among all stakeholders Abkons’ approach is founded on mutually beneficial outcomes to all parties. New standards created The field of preventive archaeology was established for the first time in Albania. A new generation of archaeologists have been inspired.
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