What we do

Our work has been integral to the implementation of multiple development projects in the Western Balkans. With over 30 in-house services, our work has helped to ensure that the region’s leading projects have come to fruition. We work to global standards combined with the expertise of local knowledge.

"Having the right roadmap for your project is critical. Unlike many large foreign contractors, we have no pre-fabricated roadmap or thinking. We look at the risks and the mitigation strategies of each project. We pay special attention to local demands and remain adaptive and dynamic throughout the process"

Redi Basha
Partner & Co-Owner

We know the value of local knowledge

Communities’ support

In a complex developmental project, it only takes one small task to go awry to cause a knock-on effect that results in a major setback.

You cannot build local projects without understanding the local context. And you cannot understand the local context without understanding local people.

This is where we excel: delivering projects with the support of local people.

We believe you cannot just ‘Google’ the real influencers in a community

An approach that works

Abkons has over 20 years’ experience of working shoulder to shoulder with professional institutions, authorities and governments at all levels.

But we also take the process of community engagement very seriously. We recognise this to be a dynamic environment where viewpoints vary in each town, village or hamlet.

We take the time to identify the leaders in each community – and address the issues that matter to them.

We work to established international standards

International certificates:

  • ISO 18001: 2007 Health and Safety Management System
  • ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001:2015: Environmental Management System

Professional licenses:

  • Environmental Impact & Auditing
  • Design, Supervision & Commissioning
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Topographic work & survey
  • Property Evaluation

Our services

  • Archaeological Field Surveys
  • Archaeological Monitoring
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Archaeological Preservation

Cultural & Historical Heritage Services

  • Construction Management Supervision Work
  • Design Supervision
  • Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies

Engineering Services

  • Environmental Legislation: Permitting and Reporting
  • Resource Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Due Diligence
  • Environmental Planning & Monitoring
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Environment Services

  • Portfolio Risk Assessment
  • Investment Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Market Studies
  • Business Restructuring

Financial & Business Services

  • Management Services
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Procedures and Plans
  • Accident and Incident Investigation Report
  • Provision and consultancy on Best International Practices and National Legal Baseline requirements in relation to Health and Safety

Health & Safety

  • Route Planning
  • Census and Asset Inventory
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Community Consultation
  • “Right-of-Way” Access

Land Easement, Acquisition & Assets Inventory

  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Property Law
  • Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation Banking and Finance Law
  • International Trade, Shipping and Transport
  • Employment Law

Legal & Permitting Services

  • Capacity Building and Governance
  • Property Rights and Land Management
  • Policy Formulation
  • Topographical and Hydrogeological Water Management

Project Management

  • Socio-Economic Surveys and Baseline Studies
  • Integrated Sectorial Planning (ISP)
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Consultations
  • Census and Assets Inventory
  • Stakeholder Planning and Mapping

Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

Our clients

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