Arta Gurabardhi

Ms. Gurabardhi has 15 years’ experience in the public and in the private sector. She has a Bachelor in Finance from the University of Tirana, has studied Project Management and Quality Project Management at George Washington University, and has an MBA from Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland. Ms. Gurabardhi is an experienced financial analyst who has worked as the Chief Finance Officer at the Albanian National Air Traffic Agency. She has extensive experience in project management, financial due diligence, feasibility studies and business plans.
Ms. Gurabardhi has led and managed a large portfolio of projects on behalf of ABKons, such as:

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP): Land Easement and Acquisition. Ms. Gurabardhi is responsible for the set-up and execution of Census & Assets Inventory, as well as the Secure Land Access process. She also leads the consultation process for LEA (Land Easement and Acquisition) with national and local authorities and project-affected people along the pipeline route..

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP): Drafting of the ESIA (Environmental & Social Impact Assessment). Ms. Gurabardhi was the local consultant responsible for drafting the socio-economic baseline for thirty-eight local government units (LGUs) potentially affected by the TAP project and led all the local meetings and engagements (more than 100 in total). She also contributed extensively to the GIS Review Report and the drafting of the ESIA for Albania.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP): Public Disclosure and Public Consultation of ESIA: Ms. Gurabardhi coordinated and managed the public disclosure and stakeholder engagement process for the ESIA in Albania. She also led the question-and-answer sessions and the process to obtain consent from the 38 LGUs.

ENEL Project (power plant in Porto Romano), Cairn Project (drilling for oil in the Adriatic Sea) and Kalivac Project (hydropower plant on the Vjosa River). Ms. Gurabardhi led the entire range of activities for these projects, including socio-economic baseline desk studies; secondary data collection; community profiling and stakeholder mapping; interviews and consultations with potentially affected stakeholders and project-affected groups.

ADISA Project. Ms. Gurabardhi was the Project Coordinator of the ADISA project, which under the leadership of the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration had as a goal to design the country’s first Public Service Mall to serve as a One-Stop-Shop for public service delivery, operating through a single digital platform, which, over time, will be expanded to other parts of the country.

National Air Traffic Agency: Credit Coordinator of “National Air Modernization Plan”. On this loan project (valued at approximately 47 million dollars) Ms. Gurabardhi coordinated the work with the guarantor (EX-IM Bank), the guaranteed lender (BNP Paribas and Wells Fargo) and the security agent (escrow account holder).

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