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Our leadership team continues to drive our growth and success, while integrating ABKons values into everything we do. We believe in the power of collaboration, collegiality and teamwork and we have an open and approachable style. We require everyone at ABKons to put the interests of our clients before our own.



Mr. Besnik Leskaj
Mr. Leskaj has over 15 years of experience in management in the private and public sector. He possesses a Magisterial Doctor in Enterprise Economy and a Diploma in International Trade International Economy. More…






Ms. Arta Gurabardhi
Ms. Gurabardhi has 15 years of experience in the public and private sector. She has Bachelor in Finance from the University of Tirana, Project Management and Quality Project Management from George Washington University and an MBA from Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland. More…





Mr. Redi Basha
Mr. Basha has graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Liverpool and subsequently was honored with a Commendation for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Law (Legal Practice Course) from BPP Law School in Manchester. More…



Green Cities Framework – Green Cities Action Plan (GCAPs) & Policy Dialogue

Client: PwC Polska
Period: September 2017- Ongoing


Marina Port Lake Pogradec Feasibility Study

Client: Mikail Investment
Period: 17.03.2017- Closed

The Service Provider will prepare a business plan, feasibility study and an economic, social, environmental and strategic impact assessement.

Design Services for Crude-Oil Station Fier

Client: ALBRAIL Concessionaire Company
Period: 01.04.2017-Ongoing

The object of this contract is to provide environmental consultancy for identifying and assessing the existence and future negative environmental and social impacts of potentially important industrial activities at the crude oil station in Fier by providing for the client pre-approval of the EIA (for the issuance of the Environmental Declaration) for an environmental permit, type B, and a preparation of the MKZ fire protection project for the crude oil station.

Feasibility Study – Treatment of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Waste Disposal in Marinza Ecological Holes

Client: Ecoclean
Period: 17.08.2017-31.08.2017

This Feasibility Study of hydrocarbon-contaminated waste treatment services in Marinza will incorporate various financial and engineering aspects related to the Feasibility Study design process, including: purpose and mission of this study; a market analysis; description of the scope of activity and target market; a detailed product description; an environmental impact statement on the operation of the power plant.

Design Services for Improvement of Plepa-Durres-Fier Road

Client: Albstar
Period: 07.08.2017-Ongoing

The main design tasks to be carried out by the Service Provider will be the preliminary project, consisting of a general technical report, a geological survey, a hydrological study, preliminary structural calculations, general technical considerations and drawings; and a detailed implementation project, consisting of detailed technical reports, a geological-engineering study, laboratory test results, longitudinal profile of drilling, hydraulic calculations; methods of implementation, an Environmental Impact Assessment report, structural calculations, and technical specs.

Expertise Services for Assignation of Water & Sewage Utilities

Client: Bashkia Shijak (Partner:Deloitte)
Period: 25.05.2017- Ongoing

Expertise services on this project include conducting a technical valuation of assets by means of a physical inspection of fixed assets, interviews with responsible personnel, and providing assistance for valuation of fixed assets and supporting documentation.

Work Supervision Services for Fier-Ballsh & Fier-Vlore Railway Infrastructure

Client: ALBRAIL Concessionaire Company
Period: 01.09.2017-01.09.2018

The work supervision tasks of the Supervisor shall entail: Periodic inspection of works and quality control in coordination with full-time field engineer; monitoring the construction process and ensuring that construction is carried out in accordance with project and technical specifications; establishment of monthly reporting system of controls carried out during construction process; ensuring that construction process is completed at the appointed time, required budget and required quality; determining manner and frequency of testing for construction works and materials and approval of completed works and materials used during construction; completing the documentation of the facility and approving object’s completion documents

Provision of Cultural Heritage Services, Trial Trenches and Chance-Find Excavations for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) Project

Client: Spiecapag
Period: 25.01.2017 – ongoing

Spiecapag has subcontracted ABKons  to provide cultural heritage services along the route of theTrans Adriatic Pipeline.

Technical Assistance for Integrated Solid-Waste Management Systems for Selected Cities/Region of Albania

Client: Eptisa Servicios de Inginieria, S.L
Period: 21.03.2017 – ongoing

The Consultant shall provide (among other things) the following technical assistance: prepare technical and project reports and complete the work-plan; develop (in co-operation with the Team Leader) job descriptions and work plans for relevant senior and junior non-key experts as appropriate; liaise on a regular basis with counterpart staff in selected municipality; provide specialised expertise for implementation of project activities in compliance with EU standards.

Legal Due Diligence for Seka HPP

Client: Seka HPP
Period: 02.05.2017- 17.05.2017

This legal due diligence should cover: assessment of legal compliance of the company’s documents since its incorporation, vis-à-vis legal and regulatory requirements and level of risks; a legal compliance summary on real estates of the company, licenses, authorization and permits; a legal compliance summary of the assessment of the company’s legal situation regarding contracts agreed with third parties.

SAP Consultancy Services

Client: BGP Management Consulting SpA
Period: 01.05.2017 – 31.12.2017

ABKons will provide engineering services related to creating new custom ABAP code and updating the existing code, and to JAVA and SAP technical consulting. All activities related to this project will be pre-approved by BGP prior to start and will include: project management and coordination of work with BGP; ABAP development according to specification provided by BGP; SAPUI5/FIORI developments according to specification provided by BGP; SAP generic technical consulting.

Construction Permit for Seka HPP

Client: Seka HPP
Period: 24.05.2017 -ongoing

Services for this application process include review of all documentation submitted by the company; identification of shortcomings in the first documentation; approval from the Department of Forestry Fund for using forest or pasture land; preparation of a structural map of the project and of a construction map on existing land; preparation of an EIA and environmental consent from the Ministry of Environment; securing an environmental permit (Type A, B, C); an archaeological survey.

Construction Permit Consultancy for Jet A1 Fuel Deposits

Client: A&V Gas
Period: 31.05.2017 – ongoing

Consultancy services for the preparation of application documentation for the Ministry of Energy and Industry for construction permits related to JET A1 Fuel Deposits at two terminals in the energy and industrial zone and the authorization for the construction of the terminal at Mother Teresa Airport. The works that will be provided by the Service Provider include preparation and follow-up of the application file for the construction permit; topographical and seismic study; geotechnical report; environmental statement and permit; and contract with the Archeological Service Agency.

Water and Soil Sampling for Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) Project

Client: Joint Venture Renco & Terna
Period: August 2016-ongoing

Joint Venture Renco & Terna, selected by TAP to construct compressor stations in Albania, has appointed ABKons to provide water and soil sampling and analysis and social and cultural services.

Provision of Cultural Heritage Services for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) Project

Client: Spiecapag
Period: July 2016-ongoing

Spiecapag has subcontracted ABKONS to provide cultural heritage services along the route of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline.

Environmental and Social Monitoring for the Shymkent-Tashkent Road

Client: TAP

Period: 2016

Ove Arup has commissioned ABKONS to provide social and environmental services in connection with Environmental and Social Monitoring for the EBRD-financed Shymkent-Tashkent Road Project.

Environmental and Social Due Diligence for the Albanian Rail Project

Client: Ove Arup

This environmental and social due diligence calls for reviewing compliance of project documentation with Albanian regulations and identifying gaps in regulatory compliance; reviewing land acquisition and stakeholder engagement plans against EBRD performance requirements; undertaking interviews with project-affected persons; and advising on feasibility of proposed mitigation measures, in particular with regard to local capacity.

Creation of a Customer Care System for the Government of Albania

Client: ADISA

This project calls for creating and implementing a customer-care system for maximizing customers’ satisfaction with services whenever citizens and businesses make contact with the Government of Albania. The customer-care system should pay particular attention to the needs of the poor and vulnerable, in order to preserve and enhance their access to administrative services.


CPMC Project Management Services for Social and Environmental Investments for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) Project

Client: TAP
Period: August 2016-ongoing

As part of its CSR policy TAP has committed to undertake social and environmental investments (SEI) to enhance living conditions in neighboring communities. Upgrade of social public infrastructure is one of the pillars of the SEI plan in Albania, e.g., refurbishment/building of public schools, kindergartens, babies home, health centers, potable water systems, etc. The SEI plan shall be managed in all of its components by ABKons.

Coaching Partner Organizations in Designing a Logical Framework Matrix

Client: International Centre Ol of Palme
Period: November 2016-December 2017

The assignment aims at providing coaching and instruction for 7 partner organizations to develop a logical framework matrix at the various stages of the project management cycle, in order to improve the consistency and quality of project documents. Partners include: New Epoch in Fier, Association of Integration of Informal Areas Kamez, Youth Committee Lezhe, Rias Pogradec, Youth Movement for Democracy Puke, CSDC Durres, ISCE Tirane.

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