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Beyond Western Balkans: Supporting Bishkek challenge for a Green City future

Abkons has made the first very important step towards achieving its objective to expand its operations beyond the area of the Western Balkans Joining forces with one of the strongest multinational consortia composed of the world’s leading consulting companies, such as everis Ingenieria (part of NTT), NTU, TYPSA, BuroHuppold, Applus+ and S.I.C.I. Dominus, Abkons is actively contributing with key expertise in the designing of the sustainable transition into a greener city of the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, a metropolis witnessing a rapid process of urban development but with persistent environmental problems, especially regarding air pollution and water quality.
Bishkek will take part in the EBRD Green Cities, an ambitious initiative launched by EBRD in order to support cities to transition to green, low-carbon and resilient futures.
The overall objective of this Assignment is to support the City to develop and support the approval of a Green City Action Plan helping local authorities to better articulate their challenges for sustainable development, and devise a politically and economically feasible plan of investments and policies to transition cities to greener futures.
Abkons together with the partners will encourage broad civil participation for the GCAP development and awareness raising, identify and prioritize environmental challenges facing the City, address those challenges and can be implemented and managed, prepare a list of policies, regulations, guidelines and other legal, administrative and managerial measures that address the priority environmental challenges and support the implementation of infrastructure investment projects.