Contract Management

Title: Contract Management
Reports to: Chief Operation Officer – COO
Job Type: Full Time Job

Job Overview:
The contract manager ensures consistent management of contracts. Oversight of the contract management process, as well as development of specific standards for bidding and submission, contract negotiations and document management.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The main responsibilities (not limited to) for this position will be as follows:
● Manage and ensure implementation of commercial processes and procedures to deliver contract as agreed;
● Work closely with the contractors/clients ensuring that all relationships are professionally and appropriately managed to provide services to the ABKONS to agreed standards;
● Ensure effective management of contracts in coordination with Project Director to agree and certify payments; cost; contract changes; analysis, negotiation and agreement of claims and settlement of final accounts;
● Participate in progress meetings with Project Director;
● Support the team leader and project director to establish commercial practices and expertise on contracts and deliver a consistent approach for the management of commercial issues, ensuring that appropriate, contemporary records are kept to support commercial negotiations;
● Management of Change Control including the estimating/pricing of additional works/scope;
● Measure project KPIs, resources, costs and timelines for monthly reporting;
● Prepare risk chart for contract performance;
● Prepare and coordinate with the project director the invoices to be sent to clients and bills issued by suppliers.
● Maintain communication with local and central institutions, local and regional stakeholders.

Skills and experience
● Minimum Bachelor Degree in Law, Master preferably abroad;
● 2+ years’ work experience, preferably with a corporate and in-house practice in people management;
● Good organization and time management and good communication skills;

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